Memorandum of Agreement

The full text of the Memorandum of Agreement between the EJPC and the University Administration, detailing all proposed amendments to the Plan and the governance structure.

Pension Illustrator

This pension illustrator tool allows you to input data to run scenarios that show what the difference in benefits could be between the current plan and the amended plan.

Pension Presentation Webcast Recording

This is a recording of the one of the two Pension Presentation webcasts that were recorded on Thursday, September 20.   The session presentations contained the same content.

Presentation Slide Deck

You can view and/or download a PDF copy of the slide deck that was used during the September 20 presentation to the plan members.


Contains the definition of the italicized words and phrases used on this website

Current Pension Plan and Governance Structure

Access to the full text of the current Pension Plan document and the Trust Agreement (governance structure).